Ryan’s Masonry specializes in both restoration and cleaning services including historic preservation, lintel repair, concrete repair, and parapet repair.   Many of our satisfied customers include historic home, churches, municipal buildings, colleges & universities throughout Connecticut. 

No project is too big for our team of masons.  If your project includes cleaning, re-pointing of stones, replacement or repair due to either age and the elements or unforeseen damage, our goal is to restore your property to its original state. 

  • Cleaning – bring new life to an old building
  • Caulking – improve the energy efficiency of your property and stop leaks from damaging your interior
  • Historic Preservation – our multi-generation team has the experience and expertise to perform this very delicate process
  • Lintel Repair and Replacement – protect the structural integrity of your walls and buildings
  • Concrete Repair – when a repair can be done, let it be done by expert masons
  • Parapet Repair – ensure your parapet and done properly from the beginning and if repairs are needed let our experts ensure long-lasting repairs